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Manufacturing Support at your site that gives you flexibility

Manufacturing efficiency is crucial in meeting production schedules and creating flexibility as consumer demands change. Balancing the need for production space versus storage space of raw materials or finished goods can get tricky during seasonal and promotional fluctuations. Combined with the additional strain of doing more with less can certainly create challenges at your manufacturing site.

With manufacturing support, a third-party logistics provider can help you with specialized services in supporting the needs of your plant. This local support allows you to concentrate on your core business of production and we’ll manage the other logistics support areas.

Our expertise in warehousing and transportation allows us to provide you these support services that can make your life easier. Working with MILAN allows you to manage your plant more efficiently, effectively and eliminate fixed costs in areas that don’t support your core competencies. This creative integrated solution can provide you a competitive advantage with flexibility in your manufacturing processes without that additional investment into in labor and buildings.


  • MILAN can quickly replenish your production lines with raw material inventory as requested.
  • Value Added Services like kitting, assembly, configuration, and customization are postponement strategies that can be completed at our warehouses and save you labor and space.
  • Storage of Products not needed at the Manufacturing Site can be located at a local MILAN warehouse.
  • Dedicated Shuttle services between the Manufacturing Plant and MILAN warehouse are schedule based on line production and demands.
  • Yard Management services at the Manufacturing Plant that can help you with yard movements.
  • On Site Dispatcher managing the yard and product movements.

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