Integrated Supply Chain

One third party logistics provider who can service all your needs

Managing multiple vendors and suppliers can be timely.  Selecting partners that can provide multiple services in a seamless fashion saves time in your day to handle the important aspects of your business.  MILAN intentionally provides solutions that frees our customers from anxiety and worry.


  • MILAN’s services in warehousing, transportation and value added create a full-service solution to our customers.
  • Our warehousing and distribution services can manage inventories, scalable storage options and just-in-time movements through the facility responding to the needs of the market.
  • Our value-added services allow for any type of customization that is required that meets the customer demand and is performed at the warehouse in a manner that satisfies a quick turnaround.
  • Our flexible transportation services are designed for best-fit solutions in cost, timeliness and reliability.

BUSINESS MOVES FAST.   Make your move.


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MILAN is a full-service logistics company.
We work with companies that want to eliminate supply chain frustration, improve their distribution network, build freight velocity, and move their business forward.   We are on a mission to help people make BOLD moves so they can get to where they want to go.

Business moves fast MAKE YOUR MOVE.

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