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3PL Solutions in the Food & Beverage supply chain that meet the needs of the everchanging Consumer

Changing consumer demands, food safety regulations and rising costs are just a few of the challenges for the Food & Beverage industry. Manufacturers have found that operational efficiencies and leveraging technology will help them align with industry requirements and create a competitive advantage.

The trend to more natural ingredients has shifted the market in ways that is not yet clear of the full outcome to market share for well-developed brands. Inventories are fragmented as these changes impact the more sophisticated and demanding consumer buying patterns.

There are tremendous opportunities for manufacturers who are progressive and innovative in their thought.  They won’t go forward as they expect without a partner who leads their organization in the same manner with a drive towards continuous movement in efficiencies and advancement in technology.

MILAN can provide the services required to meet the supply chain needs of the Food & Beverage manufacturer, distributor or supplier. Our service capabilities, innovative systems and efficient processes in sanitation, security and safety all contribute to the perfect fit. Customers who looking for a partner who can bring the whole package to their logistics needs will find it at MILAN.


  • Experience in the Food & Beverage industry with Fortune 500 companies.
  • Innovative technology that provides real-time information, full visibility and transparency of activity in the warehouse and on a truck.
  • Recall capabilities and other necessary functionality specific to legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Services depth in warehousing and transportation that provides the basic to value-added specialization, in a start-to-finish process.
  • Efficient Compliance processes that have become the norm in our operational approach.
  • Inventory management of your finished goods, raw materials or POS products.
  • Continuous movement in Improvement lifestyle that supports your growth and increasing needs.





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