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Omnichannel turnkey operations that can meet your customer demands.

Instant gratification and digital advancements in consumer shopping has turned the Consumer Packaged Goods market upside down. The enhanced shopping experience due to the expanded shopping channels allows consumers to receive product information rapidly. Consumers are embracing technology and everyday shopping has become easier and more efficient.

The digital transformation has moved the CPG industry towards a demand-driven supply chain that will challenge companies to minimize inventory levels and improve service levels. To address the Omnichannel approach, leveraging technology will be necessary to meet the customer expectations. Fundamental principles that have worked well in the past must be reexamined and redefined to have an ongoing effective growth strategy.

MILAN’s turnkey solution can immediately impact a CPG company’s supply chain challenges. Our solutions in distribution, value added and transportation services address the multiple channels with real-time technology that allows you visibility and control of your business. The connectivity between our systems gives you a seamless look of all warehousing, distribution and transportation activities with an easy access customer portal.


  • Experience in the CPG industry.
  • Innovative technology that provides real-time information, full visibility and transparency of activity in the warehouse and on a truck, recall capabilities and other necessary functionality specific to legal, regulatory and retail compliance requirements.
  • Services depth in warehousing and transportation that provides the basic to value-added specialization, in a start-to-finish process.
  • Efficient Retail Compliance processes that have become the norm in our operational approach.
  • Inventory management of your finished goods or POS products that can be delivered to the Retailer or Company store, ready to go.
  • Continuous movement in Improvement lifestyle that supports your growth and increasing needs as your dynamic industry changes.

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