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The Automotive industry is one of the first truly global industries with a supply chain that has grown with manufacturers. However, this industry is now troubled with expanding competition, increasing risk and high costs. Increased globalization including global climate change has increased pressure on advances in technology pushing costs up throughout the supply chain. With the industry’s primary success factor tied to quality, the supply chain is a critical measurement to the Automotive industry.

As Tier suppliers struggle with capacity, quality and capabilities, supplier consolidation continues to rise. With the increased complexity and technology requirements, visibility and transparency become a necessary requirement to meet the direction. But supplier consolidation comes with risks of decreasing diversity, defective parts and higher costs.

Tier 1 suppliers are expected to establish new locations near manufacturer sites for integrated collaboration and processes. The trend towards modular components, advanced technology, shorter product lifecycles and qualified technical workforce in the industry significantly impacts all areas of the supply chain.

In the MILAN world, our motto is to “work smarter, not harder”. This philosophy melds perfectly with the automotive industry. We use technology to advance our mission of efficiency and continuous movement of improvement. True visibility of all aspects of the MILAN activities whether in distribution, value added or transportation, our systems provide ease of access with a customer portal.


  • Experience in the Automotive industry with Tier suppliers.
  • Innovative technology that provides real-time information, full visibility and transparency of activity in the warehouse and on a truck, recall capabilities and other necessary functionality specific to legal and regulatory compliance requirements. We can provide you where each part has shipped to down to the lowest level required.
  • Services depth in warehousing and transportation that provides the basic to value-added specialization, in a start-to-finish process.
  • Efficient processes associated with lean initiatives that have become the norm in our operational approach resulting in cost-saving labor.
  • Inventory management of your parts that can be delivered to the required destination in quick and efficient turnaround.
  • Continuous movement in Improvement lifestyle that supports your growth and increasing needs as your dynamic industry changes.
  • Support with off-site logistics services that can bring value to your supply chain as needed.

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