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Reduce complexity with robust WMS technology

With the expectancy of highly efficient workflow processes, connectivity, labor management and space utilization, technology is necessary for success in the 3PL world. Managing multiple clients from diverse industries who require distinct functionality can be challenging for a 3PL without a robust WMS.

MILAN’s WMS (HighJump) was selected due to its key features and its capability of handling a variety of complexity in our internal and customer’s processes. The system was built specifically for 3PL organizations and is supported with a solution suite of services and functionality that addresses every aspect of our needs and more. MILAN’s long-term requirements are guaranteed with new and updated features that are constantly deployed. The partnership between MILAN and HighJump has provided a scalable platform that allows flexibility in its usage.

Using all the key functionality of the software MILAN is able to bring efficiency and savings to our customer’s supply chain.  As we grow with our customers, we are able to implement additional features as needed to accommodate changes.  Being able to respond quickly to our customer’s needs, industry challenges or regulatory changes demonstrates our goal of the best customer experience.


Inbound Logistics
Appointment Scheduling | Cross Docking | Receiving and Putaway | Inbound Services | Reverse Logistics | Returns Processing

Work Orders / Special Processing
Work Orders | Value Added Services | Kitting | Pallet management

Inventory Management
Slotting and Replenishment | Cycle Counting | QA and Recall Capabilities | Business Intelligence | Serial, Lot, Production Code Tracking | Product Rotation

Task Management | Interleaving | Packing & Shipping | Parcel Management | Billing Integration | Customized Customer Documentation | Appointment Scheduling | Dock Door Management | Wave Management | Multiple Picking Methods

EDI | Labor Management | Parcel Shipping | Customer Portal | Billing and Revenue Management | Customer Profitability | Compliance Workflows | RF Product Movement | Bar Code Scanning | Real-Time Visibility | Directed Putaway, Moves, Replenishment, Picks | Warehouse Mapping and Zoning | Connectivity


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