Multi-Client Warehousing

Management of Inventories in shared Warehouse Facilities that are clean, safe and secure.

MILAN Supply Chain Solutions provides multi-client warehouse storage for your regional distribution needs.  Placing inventories in our Tennessee operations, we will receive, manage and ship your products to customers throughout the Southeast and Midwest regions.  Our strategic locations can deliver to your customers within the region in a 2-day period.

This high return and low risk warehousing option allows you to use the services that you need, shared labor, equipment, systems and overhead, with other clients.  A flexible space option allows expansion and contraction of your inventories based on seasonal or promotional needs with no capital investment for your organization.  This scalable option is a turnkey solution supported with a responsive customer service team that cares about serving your needs.

What are the advantages of Multi-Client Warehousing environments?

  • Cost reduction by sharing space, labor, equipment, systems and overhead.
  • Movement of your costs from a fixed to variable budget item.
  • Increased flexibility of space needs with fluctuating demands, volumes and seasonal trends.
  • Improved efficiency and performance by allowing logistics experts to manage your inventory, and customer orders.
  • More time for you and your team to concentrate fully on your core business.
  • Visibility and Transparency of your supply chain with Milan’s system capabilities keeping you abreast of all activities of your business.
  • MILAN’s diverse customer knowledge brings creative ideas and approaches.

Functional Expertise:

Storage | Inventory Control | Picking | Order Fulfillment | Barcoding and labeling | Shipping and Loading | Cycle Counting / Physical Inventories | Will Call Service

MILAN Supply Chain Solutions brings additional value to your warehousing needs through our Transportation and Value-Added Services.  Our one-stop solution can optimize your supply chain with one third party logistics partner serving your regional requirements.



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