Food-Grade Compliance

Compliance is Intentional

Today, compliance of any type has become the norm in business.  Training, documentation, stringent processes and workflows are necessary to comply with regulatory and legal requirements.

Handling food and food-grade products demand an understanding of compliance requirements.  And MILAN excels in this area.  Our expertise and knowledge of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), FMSA (Food Safety Modernization Act), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration) and HAACP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) in addition to our own robust standards in safety, security and sanitation positions Milan as a Partner of Choice to any manufacturer, distributor or supplier.   We are also licensed by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture as a food grade warehouse.

Our solid processes and workflows create a work environment of Safety in all aspects of our business.  This is an important mindset to MILAN’s internal culture.  We want our employees to work in a safe environment. We want to train them to handle our customer’s important products in a safe manner so when those products leave our operations, we can ensure they are safely transported to the customer.  Everything we do has safety in mind.

Our facilities meet all the compliance needs with external audits by outside providers.  AIB (American Institute of Baking) audits are conducted annually and Milan consistently achieves the highest rating available of “Superior”.   This extensive outside audit reviews areas and practices of Food Safety training, Sanitation and Pest Control practices, Recall and Traceability Capabilities and other necessary food protection programs.

The Quality Achievement Awards that MILAN receives represent the dedication of the MILAN team and its commitment to excellence.  Our secure gated facilities along with security cameras ensure the safety and integrity of our customer’s products.

Our SOP’s supported by MILAN’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) functionally aligns to the compliance essentials necessary.  WMS functionality includes:

  • On-line and real-time visibility to inventory and activity is available at all times through the Customer Portal.
  • Lot, Batch and Rotation of FIFO and LIFO are used to ensure accurate rotation of stock.
  • Recall and Traceability capabilities with detailed history and activity can be accessed and available quickly.

Customers expect their 3PL to comply with the regulatory and legal requirements necessary in the supply chain.  When MILAN handles our customer’s product, whether in the warehouse or on our trucks, we take this seriously.  Non-compliance can be costly with hefty fines to both organizations so during the 3PL selection process, MILAN encourages a thorough investigation into MILAN’s experience and processes toward compliance.   Compliance satisfaction is a high priority for the MILAN team.


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