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Savings in Warehousing and Transportation

Do you need a solution that is fast and turnaround times are same day? Through crossdocking, MILAN can help you rapidly consolidate shipment from a variety of sources and realize economies of scale in your outbound transportation. This service eliminates the inventory function of a warehouse by transferring incoming shipments to outgoing trucks within a 24-48 hour period. This JIT turnaround brings value to your supply chain by reducing your time to the customer.

While crossdocking can save labor time and storage costs, MILAN Supply Chain can also save you costs by consolidating LTL shipments. By reworking product in a staging area and matching it up with other freight to create a larger shipment is a big cost savings to your freight budget line. Now you can spend those dollars in a different way.

Since 80% of supply chain costs reside on the transportation side, this creative approach reduces cost in your supply chain movement. Giving us information in advance allows the MILAN team to plan and execute with full visibility and quickness.


  • Supplier inbounds are crossdocked, orders are segregated by shipment providing storage and handling savings and reducing turnaround on orders.
  • Orders for multiple suppliers are consolidated into deliveries, appointments gathered and routed for delivery.


  • This action will reduce the number of carriers at the receiving store, distribution center, or the manufacturing facility.
  • Savings by allowing for truckload quantities to be delivered vs. multiple LTL shipments.
  • Our warehousing capabilities working in tandem with our crossdock area helps move your product through the supply chain at a more efficient and economical manner.

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