TOTAL LOGISTICS PACKAGE . . . Distribution, Transportation and “Outside the Box” services

TOTAL LOGISTICS PACKAGE . . . Distribution, Transportation and “Outside the Box” services

MILAN has the total package . . . that is the total logistics package.  So, what does that mean?  When talking about a person, the total package means the combination of good looks, personality and a sense of humor or any other feature. But when talking about the total logistics package – we mean that MILAN provides an integrated service solution of warehousing and distribution, transportation and delivery services and a mixture of valued services that are outside the normal processes.

All 3PL provide a variety of depth of distribution and transportation services.  But many aren’t able to create efficient processes that are unique, unusual and may not be ongoing.  However, MILAN can and will develop unique solutions to the unexpected things that can come up in your supply chain.  One thing that can be certain in logistics . . .  the unexpected must be expected.

So, MILAN does design value-added services that our clients may require.  Those services can be seasonal, unexpected, ongoing or just a one-time need.  But MILAN understand to provide value to our customers, we need to be flexible and ready to step up to a challenge.

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Below are several examples we’ve provided to clients that helped them solve a problem.  These solutions for national retailers and their suppliers give examples of how MILAN efficiently and successfully aided their clients.

So, if you’re looking for a 3PL who not only handles all the traditional services of distribution and transportation, but also services “outside the box”, MILAN is the partner of choice.  MILAN has the total logistics package that brings value to their clients and their client’s supply chain.

Starting October 2019, MILAN will serve clients with over 750,000 s.f. of distribution space and over 650 transportation assets in western Tennessee.  Learn more about MILAN’s new Distribution Center expansion!