The Right Fit for 3PL alignment

The Right Fit for 3PL alignment


Many discuss that your 3PL must be “the right fit” for your organization that creates alignment that can result in competitive advantage and supply chain success. But what does that exactly mean?

The basis of your relationship must have a foundation of shared goals and values. If the values that are guiding principles to each organization do not have alignment of similarity, then the relationship is bound for doom. Make sure that your 3PL has a similar culture to your organization that will ensure the mindset of the relationship is built on a framework of consistency of approach.

MILAN has a heart for the customer and this customer-centric approach has easily aligned them with their current customer base. A lifestyle of continuous improvement commits the organization to a pursuit of excellence.
MILAN’s SITED acronym of SAFETY | INTEGRITY | TEAMWORK | EXCELLENCE | DIVERSITY builds an infrastructure within the organization that guides employees in their daily activities and their approach to the business.

Naturally you will select a 3PL that offers the services that you require. However, don’t think short term. What services do they provide that you may need in the future? Or what about services that you never thought to outsource? You need a 3PL that gives you flexibility and growth opportunities. As the supply chain continues to transform, you will need to update your network or at least the services that you require.

MILAN’s service offering touches on all areas of the supply chain. Distribution services include all warehouse services from Inbound to Outbound activities to Inventory Management supported with Cycle counting and Physical inventories. Customers embrace MILAN’s Transportation services that are asset and non-asset based delivering to consignees throughout the southeast and Midwest region. MILAN generates agility in their customer’s network with services that are outside the norm. These Value-Added services are tailored to customer needs and are fulfilled within the existing framework of the warehouse with no need for outside vendors or additional transportation costs.


Unsure how much inventory you need? No problem. Select a 3PL that has a business model of a multi-client environment. A multi-client environment allows your inventory to increase or decrease depending on the need, the promotion or the season. You only pay for the space you need – the perfect scenario for the perfect fit!

MILAN’s facilities support the multi-client environment. We have space available that allows you to manage your inventories based on the season of need. We have buildings that are ambient and food-grade depending on your product and storage requirements. Our facilities in Jackson, TN and Milan, TN provide not only the type of space you need but also crossdock opportunities should that be the better fit.


Find “the right fit” for you. Remember, Business moves fast — MAKE YOUR MOVE!