The Team That Gives . . . a little more

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The Team That Gives . . . a little more

The Food & Beverage industry touches every consumer in the world. Because of that, the industry is dynamic and continues to evolve becoming more complex and challenging.

MILAN Supply Chain Solutions specializes in managing order fulfillment and inventories for manufacturers who require . . . a little more. We understand the needs of this industry, its challenges and volatility of change that is occurring.

While our use of technology and methodical approach to compliance continues to put us in high performance standing within the industry, it’s really about the team who manage those elements that sets us apart. MILAN’s strength is in the team of people 1) who are passionate about serving, 2) who manage the systems that ensure efficiency and 3) who accurately comply with the regulatory and legal needs of our clients.

Together Everyone Achieves More

>Janitors who clean the facilities in readiness for storage of food and beverage products.

>Receivers who unload, receive and putaway products in accurate locations and with accurate quantities.

>Pickers who fulfill orders quickly and accurately to satisfy customer needs.

>Inventory Control personnel who cycle count and guarantee that product is accurate in counts and locations.

>Customer Service Reps who understand the WMS and TMS systems and can provide information quickly to internal and external teams including recall and tracking.

>IT groups who ensure that all systems are online and running efficiently.

>Leadership who sets the standards and lives those standards by example for the organization.

The reason we can step up to the challenge is due to every person that works at MILAN. We take our jobs seriously. We train to understand every element of our business, our systems and our processes so that we can quickly execute on activities that result in a quick turnaround of supply chain needs for each and every client. Everyone has buildings, trucks, and systems but organizations, like MILAN, who can use these tools to make a difference in the supply chain will continue to give . . . a little more . . . to their clients.