Strategic Partnerships are on the Rise

Strategic Partnerships are on the Rise

As greater challenges pressure Shippers and risk for supply chain disruption continues to rise, we believe that the 3PL partnerships with Shippers will significantly improve.

While in the past, a 3PL might have been seen as a necessary evil, constant changes in the supply chain have quickly moved the Shipper-3PL relationship to be highly collaborative and strategic in nature.  With the ultimate goal to enhance the customer experience, commitment to performance metrics will be key to delivering to consumer expectations.

While the Shipper looks to its network and determines how to create more agility, 3PL’s will play an important role in determining strategic inventory locations, supply chain transparency and expertise in local markets.  Fuller logistics partnerships are a shift from previous years with value towards cost savings, responsiveness, accessibility and transparency.

“Full visibility only enhances our service to our customer’s supply chain,” remarks Kevin Charlesbois, President of MILAN Supply Chain Solutions.  Investments in WMS, TMS and CRM solutions gives MILAN’s customers full access, visibility and transparency to the activities handled by MILAN’s team of logistics professionals.

Leveraging systems, collaboration between both parties and a common goal of meeting customer expectations creates a stream of value for the Shipper and their supply chain.  As with any outsourcing solution, the 3PL fills the void and provides value in areas that the Shipper lacks infrastructure or experience allowing them to concentrate on the core competencies.

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