Are you Ready for Tomorrow’s Retail Demands?

Are you Ready for Tomorrow’s Retail Demands?

Be nimble in your supply chain

With Amazon reshaping the retail industry with its online presentation and speed of delivery, other retailers are determining what they need to do to address the demands of tomorrow’s retail needs which requires agility in supply chain networks.

With tight transportation capacity, higher driven costs and driver shortages, it’s even more important that manufacturer’s review their networks looking for nimbleness that allows for quick reaction to consumer changes and long-term flexibility.

Total spending on logistics made a record setting of nearly $1.5 trillion spend up 6.2% from previous year accounting for 7.7% of GDP for the year.  Reshaping networks and the retail landscape are necessary to manage costs, create agility and meet the customer experience required.

In response, other retailers are building out their supply chains with distribution centers designed to meet the demands of online shopping.  The separation between traditional brick-and-mortar and online retail is getting smaller.  The battle between retailers Amazon and Walmart is a perfect example of the escalating retail war with many speculating who will win and determine the future of the industry.  Major retailers, Target, Macy’s and Best Buy are also shifting and broadening their focus to see if they can keep a piece of the market.  And now recently, The Home Depot has announced their supply chain overhaul with plans of $1.2 billion spending over the next 5 years.  Adding 170 distribution facilities in the U.S. will allow them to reach 90% of the population in one day or less.  Bottom line, everyone is trying to get closer to the customer.

So, how can 3PL’s fit into the mix?

MILAN Supply Chain Services, a 3PL located in western Tennessee, has long provided integrated services to supply chain customers capitalizing on the use of their facilities in Jackson, TN and Milan, TN.  Their asset-based transportation provides another integral link to the supply chain allowing a single source to manage inventories and deliveries.  To top it off providing value-added services brings savings to the supply chain with services provided onsite.  A one-stop Solution.

As organizations look to move inventories closer to their customers, MILAN can provide those services that allows you the flexibility and agility to your supply chain that is so greatly needed.  MILAN can be the crucial regional hub in your network or the spoke that supports the local markets within hours of order receipt.  We are comfortable doing both.


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