Order Transparency Improves Performance and Costs

Order Transparency Improves Performance and Costs


All shippers say they want transparency and visibility in their supply chain.  But the question begs, is this information actually being used for metric and service improvement?

Many 3PLs have invested in real-time systems in their distribution centers and trucklines allowing data to fix problems and improve processes.   Access to this real-time information for Shippers can bring a direct advantage to the supply chain and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

We all know that errors cost all organizations a great deal of time and money.  Penalties given to Shippers by their customers can add up quickly and take a great deal of time to research and determine accuracy.   So, how can visibility to order shipments make a difference?

1 – Shipper Customer Service teams have direct system access to tracking and tracing shipments which can reduce day-to-day interactions with better information on shipment progress.  Now the Customer service teams have more time for proactive communication with their customers discussing potential issues with on-time delivery. 

2 –Rescheduling of deliveries, if necessary, avoids chargeback and detention penalties to the Shipper.  Rescheduling in advance prevents the customer from waiting for trucks, increased manpower for volumes and better dock management.

3 – Improved Shipper scorecards for the Shipper due to proactive real-time management of issues with deliveries versus reacting to poor performance metrics.

4 – Freight claim avoidance with available data that supports any compliance requirements.  This can be necessary especially for temperature metrics.

Maximizing assets and efficiency is important and full visibility of shipments is a strong element to that success.

At MILAN, our TMS combined with our ELD’s has allowed us to provide full transparency to the Shippers that we service.  We realize that these systems which are available 24×7, allow us to bring our customers a competitive advantage and improved logistics efficiency.


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