Multi-Client Warehousing: Benefit #5 Experience | Expertise

Multi-Client Warehousing:  Benefit #5 Experience | Expertise


In a multi-client warehouse, as stated, there are multiple clients. Handling customer products provides a wealth of information for a 3PL on industry trends and the handling of different types of products. This information, while not shared with other customers for proprietary reasons, is valuable experience that the 3PL achieves throughout the years.

This knowledge can be used and transferred into your business processes as best practices. You and your business get the benefit of a 3PL’s experience with similar industries and products. In addition, learnings from differing industries and products can also come into play for innovative and creative solutions for your business.

In addition, the 3PL leadership has extensive expertise in logistics. They understand their local and regional markets much better than you. They know the vendors who are reliable. They deliver to your customers for other clients, so they have a good handle on delivery requirements for each delivery point.

While you have your expertise in the your core areas, a 3PL is concentrated on the logistics details specific to their market. Each executed detail builds on one another.

So how do you know you are getting the benefit of experience and expertise from a 3PL?

Does the 3PL have a good handle and understanding of your industry and business?

Has your 3PL asked significant and extensive questions to validate their understanding without assuming?

Has your 3PL offered new ideas and approaches that might be advantageous to your business. Remember even small changes can make big differences.

Does the 3PL have similar customers or products that they service? Even if they don’t are the processes that are executed similar?

If these questions can be answered they will give you a true evaluation of the benefit the 3PL can provide in this area.

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