Multi-Client Warehousing: Benefit #3

Multi-Client Warehousing:  Benefit #3

#3 Benefit: Flexibility

The willingness to change to accommodate changing logistics needs is a common occurrence for a 3PL. Selecting the right partner who can manage that change and grow as your business does is key to the selection process. But in what areas should a 3PL be flexible?


Product Handling – Depending on how you manage your inventory and costs, you can determine the unit of measure for storage and for shipping. While you may keep your inventory in pallets and cases, you can ship in cases and units. This flexibility due to robust WMS solutions gives clients flexibility in the handling of their products within the facility.

Storage – The best thing associated to using a 3PL shared environment is being able to fluctuate your inventory throughout different periods due to new product launches, seasonal fluctuations and ongoing growth. With no restraint in space needs

Cross Dock – You will need to maintain an inventory within the 3PL facility. However, there may be times due to demand and time constraints that you need to “cross dock” product to accommodate immediate order volumes. This product does not go into storage and then picked for orders but instead just crosses the dock from the inbound truck into an outbound truck never touching. This process will not only provide flexibility but cost savings.

Distribution Patterns – Of course, being adaptable to changing distribution patterns is all encompassing. A 3PL must be nimble and able to respond to market fluctuations, consumer demands and a variety of other challenges that come with supply chain networks.

At MILAN, we understand that business changes. We know to be successful in the 3PL world, complete flexibility is the foundation of the business.

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