Milan Supply Chain Solutions Employee Helps Boy Scouts Earn Truck Transportation Merit Badge

Milan Supply Chain Solutions Employee Helps Boy Scouts Earn Truck Transportation Merit Badge

Ten members of Boy Scout Troop 231 (of Michie, Tennessee) earned a merit badge, while learning about a variety of trucking topics — from types of engines to regulations — when Pat Landreth recently taught a two-hour class. Landreth is director of safety for Milan Supply Chain Solutions.

In addition to having a long career in the trucking industry, Landreth also is an Eagle Scout. “It was one of the best things that my parents ever did for me,” he said. “I have a soft spot in my heart for the Scouts.” Last month marked the fourth time he taught the class.

Landreth reviewed several topics with the Scouts, including the differences and benefits of gasoline and diesel engines, government agencies that work with trucking companies and the process of shipping 500 pounds of goods. “I gave the Scouts a virtual tour of our company to give them an understanding of our business,” he explained.

“They had good questions, and I showed them different kinds of trucks and explained how some hold dry and others hold liquid products,” he added. The Scouts also learned the regulations that drivers follow, such as frequent drug and alcohol testing, driving a maximum of 11 hours and taking the required 10-hour break. After the review, the Scouts took a quiz to test their knowledge.

The Truck Transportation Merit Badge is an elective that helps Scouts earn the Eagle rank, the highest level in Scouting. “Scouting teaches the importance of being friendly, obedient, loyal, helpful, reverent and trustworthy,” Landreth said. When asked whether he would volunteer with the Scouts, Landreth quickly answered, “There’s no doubt that I’ll teach the class again. Anytime I’m offered the opportunity to get involved, I always jump at it.”

Landreth’s service is just one example of how Milan Supply Chain Solutions’ commitment to excellence extends to local community service.