Make the Customer the Hero!

Make the Customer the Hero!

At MILAN, our message is always about the customer.

Many tout being a customer-centric organization but how do you ensure that the customer truly IS the hero of your story? – An environment of where it’s not about you but about them?

Changing the organization focus from an internal perspective to an external outlook isn’t easy but necessary for long-term success for a service organization. I mean, really, we all want to be Luke Skywalker, Batman, Superman or even Katniss – anyone of those will work for us! But when we focus on ourselves, we fail to notice the interests of the customer. Revolving around the customer and their challenges will allow you to put your customer in the starring role.

So, how can we continuously provide value to our customers? These 4 focal points help us make our Customers the hero of our story. We are just the magic elixir that helps the process.

1) Focus on the Customer and what they are trying to accomplish.  Is your performance helping your customer satisfy their customer?
2) Focus on what direction your Customer is heading.   Are you prepared to service them in the future? Have you positioned your service offerings for the future needs of your customers?
3) Focus on your customers problems.   What problems does your customer have and how can you help solve that problem? You don’t want to be part of the problem but part of the solution.
4) Focus on creating a positive customer experience.   Are you making your customer’s lives easier? Are you a resource that they use for their supply chain needs?

By shifting your focus from your organization onto your customer, everything you communicate to your customer is about how you can help them and the benefit of working with your organization.

Building a customer-centric environment doesn’t just happen immediately but the more our focus is directed centrally on the customer, the more we get everyone involved and empower associates, and the more we collaborate with our customers, the closer we move towards making our Customers the Hero.

We understand that our customers – is what makes us MILAN. Our associates are positioned to execute on the needs and expectations of customers and providing that solution offering of the now and future.

And, the customer saves the day . . .