Localize your Supply Chain

Localize your Supply Chain

With the Amazon impact on shorter delivery times, consumers now expect that same day to 2-day delivery from all areas of the supply chain.  As a result, shippers must look on how to create a JIT (just-in-time) network that can compete and satisfy consumer demand.  Localize your Supply Chain!

While JIT has been around for a long time, it continues to get re-defined as the consumer is persistent in changing expectations.  To accommodate these changes, shippers need to re-evaluate their regional or national distribution networks and determine a more localized approach to meet the needs of faster deliveries and product availability.

Moving product quickly through regional and national networks can have disruption due to trucking capacity issues and driver shortages.  But a local distribution solution not only competes with getting product to market faster for the consumer, but local logistics expertise helps ensure the customer experience metrics are met at the retailer and end-user.

MILAN is positioned with warehouse space available to meet a flexible inventory requirement.  Our multi-client environment allows expansion and contraction of space as needed.  Our distribution centers in TN can provide traditional warehouse and inventory services while also meeting the need for any customization or personalization with value-added labor.  Lastly, our transportation services create a full-service integration to shippers with last-mile deliveries.  MILAN provides a single source of logistics to any client.

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