Leverage Regional Distribution Centers

Leverage Regional Distribution Centers


To truly satisfy customers, it’s necessary to understand local preferences and market dynamics. Regional Distribution Centers (RDC) can be a driving force to accommodate different markets. A regional distribution point can leverage your supply chain and improve costs, efficiency and time to market.

While warehouses are used for storage of products, MILAN’s southeastern distribution centers offer so much more. Additional services like order fulfillment, cross docking, inventory management and other value-added services are the norm in these distribution centers. As a regional distribution center, MILAN provides expertise in the market with understanding of local vendors, local preferences, travel patterns, transit times and culture. While many processes can be consistent in throughout your network, each region may have some specific requirements based on the consumption patterns.

How can you impact your supply chain with a regional distribution center?

Cost Reduction – Keeping inventories closer to your customer not only improves your time to market but reduces your transportation costs by centralizing your products closer to its final shipping destinations.

Improved Time to Market – Customer demand for quicker response continues to rise. Having your inventory closer to market helps accommodate that demand.

Postponement Value – Customizing and modifying products can add time to your supply chain especially for travel to multiple vendors. RDC’s can offer those value-added services by handling those needs right there at the distribution center. Modifications can be done quickly in the same building and quickly shipped to still be required arrival dates to your customer.

Transparency – Regional distribution centers are sophisticated and have system capabilities (WMS | TMS) that allows full visibility to the process of the order life. Seeing is believing! Have access with customer portals allows you to see your order movement at all stages.

Above are the obvious benefits to using a regional distribution center not including the side benefits that can appear. Bottomline, you need to leverage regional expertise to influence your supply chain. MILAN’s regional operations in western Tennessee can give you the expertise needed but also the personal care to your customer.

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