With a large heart of Gratitude . . .

With a large heart of Gratitude . . .

In the season of thankfulness and giving we need to stop, take a breath and genuinely appreciate those around us.  Staying up with the daily demands of work and life, we tend to take for granted those who we work closely with and who help make our businesses successful.  Each person contributes value and truly matters.  Sometimes in the hustle and bustle we are shortsighted in our recognition of those contributions.

Yet, there is nothing more precious than feeling that we matter!  Expressing our appreciation to one another creates a positive energy, team engagement and lifts people up.  Being openly thankful to others can appear contrived and may feel uncomfortable since many organizations aren’t fluent in positive emotions.  However, it is necessary influence needed for success.

Marcial Losada, a Chilean psychologist, found that among high performance teams the expression of positive feedback outweighs that of negative feedback by a ratio of 5.6 to 1.  Low performing teams compared at .36 to 1.

All this seems so simple.  However, sincere gratitude is rare.  So, in this holiday season, we at MILAN, want to express our genuine gratitude and appreciation to all the MILAN associates who are the driving spirit behind the MILAN organization.

  • Thanks to all the DRIVERS who are our last touch to the customer. You do an amazing job!Thanks to all our CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAMS in all areas of the business. You talk to our customers constantly and make sure the experience is positive.  Grateful for your contribution!

    Thanks to all our WAREHOUSE associates who manage inventories, products and orders. You are the guys behind the scene who make it happen!  We appreciate everything you do.

    Thanks to all our SUPPORT TEAMS whether that is in Finance, IT, or HR. What would we do without you?  We are grateful for all your hard work!

    Thanks to our LEADERSHIP TEAMS in all areas. We thank you for the positive influence and guidance in making MILAN an organization that we all are proud to call our work home.

As we reflect over the last year, we find true gratitude knowing what a great team we work with every day and are honored to be your teammates.  We thrive to make appreciation a thread woven into our daily operational foundation.

With a large heart of gratitude, we wish you, the MILAN team, and our Customers a Happy & Safe Holiday season.