Integrated Services: 3 in 1

Integrated Services:  3 in 1


The goal to Integrated Services is to seamlessly connect service offerings resulting in a guarantee of higher quality of service in your supply chain and logistics efficiency.  The total functional activities should provide a total comprehensive service solution to the customer.

But there is more to the relationship with an integrated logistics services provider (ISP).  To get the best results partnering with an ISP, the relationship must go deeper than just a supplier or vendor.  As a true partner, the logistics provider understands your supply chain goals, objectives, and organizational culture.

Your provider should look at the big picture and comprehend how each area works.  As with any complex process, each element and area of the process impacts other areas positively and negatively.  With a grip of the start-to-end process, your 3PL can determine what positive effect they can make on your supply chain in the areas they control.

But successfully relying on an ISP is based on a trusting relationship that is built over time.  That time lapse creates experience and familiarity.


MILAN can bring regional expertise to any shipper with a variety of logistics services.  As with many 3PLs, MILAN categorizes their services in 3 brackets:


As product enters our custody, our Distribution services touches on all the traditional aspects of 3PL services starting with the management of high velocity inventories, Inbound and Outbound management, Inventory Management including Cycle Counting, Product Inspection, Import and Export processing, Reverse logistics and Cross Dock operations.  These services are conducted in our multi-client environment operations or can be dedicated areas or facilities depending on our customer’s needs.  MILAN’s distribution services seamlessly integrate into our robust transportation offerings.

When product is ready to enter or depart from our facilities, our Transportation offering can give our customers a menu of options.  With our brokerage unit, we are able to select the best method of transport for your deliveries.  One of our major strengths is our ability to use our assets or outside partners to provide the transport solution that is the most cost-effect and meets service needs.  If these offerings don’t suffice, our dedicated contract carriage offering will certainly fit the bill.  Our flexibility in this area can solve any problem and satisfy the most demanding customer.

Bringing value to our customers can be done through numerous ways.  Value-added services traditionally talk to services that are outside the scope of the normal distribution process.  These include services like kitting, assembly, inspection, display building, specialized labeling, product modification and any other postponement-type of processes.  MILAN provides all the normal out of scope services as each customer requires.  However, the other way that value is brought to the supply chain is through system connectivity, integrated customer service teams, and a customer-centric culture that usually matches up well with clients.  Our culture of safety and improvement opens the door to creative approaches to our customer solutions.  MILAN works to meet your targets, address your challenges and improve upon your logistics efficiency.

MILAN, a single source logistics provider, can provide comprehensive integrated service solutions to clients in the southeast and midwestern markets.  We provide flexibility in your supply chain and logistics efficiency in processes and costs.


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