Importance of Food Compliance

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Importance of Food Compliance

Insight on Food Compliance from April Gateley, MILAN DC Manager

Doing things right is not always easy especially when it comes to food compliance and adhering to all the regulatory and legal aspects of your job. There can be so many things to remember that it can be challenging to keep it all straight.

Compliance becomes more complex as our business grows. At MILAN, we recognize that business moves fast and we take specific steps to fulfill our obligations to our clients and to our employees.

We find that being compliant has become a necessity and the norm of our DC operations. So, we ensure that these requirements are integrated in all design aspects of our processes. It’s important and necessary to do things right in this area to eliminate risk in our client’s supply chain. With the mindset of PREVENTION, we are able to impact client supply chains in the following areas:

When people have an understanding of expectations and are trained appropriately, then our warehouse operations work seamlessly from one process to another. None of the requirements for food compliance are difficult they just need to be integrated into the process as an element in the cycle. We’ve seen at MILAN when expectations are communicated, people take pride in their job and do their jobs the right way. Overall, we’ve seen productivity improve and that allows us to continue to contain costs to the supply chain.

Our business is built on relationships and trust. When we are attuned to the food safety compliance guidelines and service our clients according to those needs, we find that our relationship continues to grow with our clients. As that relationship continues to build and ideas are shared, trust emerges over time. We have found that trust that is built has taken our client relationships to a higher level and our reputation positively increases as a partner who is reliable and knows what they are doing. Our clients are more than ready to ask more of us because they know we will take care of it.

We all handle food. Our employees know that it’s important that we manage our food clients in the correct way because we all want to keep our food safe from harm and risk. MILAN’s employees are engaged in the process. They help develop the processes that we use today. They take ownership and responsibility of those actions. They understand that how they handle our food client’s products impact every consumer including their own families.

The obvious impact to the supply chain by complying with food safety requirements is the elimination of legal and regulatory risk. We don’t want to be in a position that we’ve impacted someone’s life because we didn’t do our jobs right. Nor do we want to put our client’s in that position. We realize that the food industry is competitive and we are hired by our clients to be efficient, reduce costs and bring value to their organization. If we increase risk in their supply chain, we’ve just added tremendous cost to them. Doing the job right is important to us.