Dedicated Transportation can Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Dedicated Transportation can Guarantee Customer Satisfaction


Drivers behind the wheel moving your inventory and delivering your orders guarantees customer satisfaction.  Maximizing routes and asset utilization creates supply chain efficiency and optimizes your operation.   MILAN provides dedicated transportation solutions with safety excellence, on-time performance and controlled costs.

Benefits to Dedicated Transportation

– Improved Productivity

– Maximized routes

– Increased Asset utilization

– Efficient Dispatch Operations

– Improved Vehicle Maintenance

– Decreased Fuel Consumption

– Vehicle Tracking

But is dedicated transportation a good solution for your business?  Can it bring you a competitive advantage to your business?  Some questions you need to think about when deciding are:

1-Does your inbound and outbound freight allow you to use equipment with consistent movements?

2-Does your business have seasonality peaks?

3-Are your costs for transportation unpredictable and higher than expected?

4-Do you require specialized equipment in your freight movements?

5-What are your transportation modes that are required to meet your supply chain needs?

6-Do you require local, regional or long-haul deliveries?

7-Can you reduce your stem time on deliveries?

8-Are you having capacity issues?

9-Have you had issues in service with your customers?

10-Is your freight visible to you in your network?

11-Are you limited on your internal resources handling your logistical tasks?

Evaluating your company’s needs may direct you to a dedicated transportation solution.  You may have a mixture of solutions.  At MILAN we can serve your requirements with our assets serving you, your distribution centers and your customers.

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