Compliance is Intentional

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Compliance is Intentional

MILAN is intentional with their compliance practices. What does “being intentional” mean? For MILAN, it means we are purposeful in word and action. We carry out what we say we will do. We actively interact and engage in processes that are necessary for compliance (regulatory and legal requirements) while satisfying our customers’ expectations.

So, how is MILAN intentional in compliance? We plan the work, work the plan. Our checklists and schedules specifically determine actions that should occur and when they are needed. We use these tools in our daily operations constantly.

But if you work with Food & Beverage clients, you need to take it a step further. Our outside facility inspections with AIB (American Institute of Baking) are intentional. Once a year our facility undergoes an unannounced audit that addresses a variety of areas within the facility:

1-Operational Methods and Personnel Practices

2-Maintenance for Food Safety

3-Cleaning Practices

4-Integrated Pest Management

5-Adequacy of Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs

The inspection is a great option to use to supplement and complement your own existing and documented program. The inspection occurs 100% in the warehouse and focuses on Good Manufacturing Processes.

Of course, this outside review by AIB reveals practices that may need updating. Based on feedback, this process with AIB ensures that the MILAN team is current with information in Food safety and compliance. This thorough inspection identifies risks and opportunities for improvement.

As a 3PL provider, being intentional with compliance builds a foundation of trust between MILAN and our clients.