Communication comes in a variety of ways to build effective relationships

Communication comes in a variety of ways to build effective relationships

Ineffective communication with a customer can be detrimental to building strategic relationships and generating a good customer experience. With the use of digital tools, communication can be driven in a variety of ways.

In the 2018 Third-Party Logistics Study: The State of Logistics Outsourcing, reviews examples of communication issues between the Shipper and 3PL.

The biggest issue for a Shipper (at 51%) in this study discussed the delays associated to communicating via email. Whereas, the biggest issue for 3PLs (at 54%) was context miscommunication via email or phone call. Email communication can be a great tool and resource if used correctly. However, many people feel that once they’ve sent an email, they have passed the baton and they no longer have a role in the issue.

There are distinct advantages of email communication: Quick, Availability, Cost-Effective. However, one of the disadvantages is that an email can be perceived incorrectly depending on how one types the message. There is no voice inflection or emotion that can clarify what the send is really saying. Another key disadvantage is that it’s not usually good for emergency situations. When communication an issue that is time-sensitive, personal phone conversations can be more productive and can provide ease of mind to your customer.

At MILAN, we use all the tools available to respond to customer’s needs. However, we understand when to use what tool. During normal follow up situations, we know that email can be an effective tool. However, when we have emergency deliveries that are impacting not only our customer but our customer’s customer we will use the tools that are best responsive to the situation. No matter if we use phone conversations, email communication, skype or face-time, our intent is to respond effectively to customers in the appropriate way that results in a positive customer experience. There is no right or wrong way . . . it’s designed for the situation and in the manner the customer wants.

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