Bridge the Gaps with a Single Source Logistics Provider

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Bridge the Gaps with a Single Source Logistics Provider

Your supply chain can be complex enough without adding multiple providers into the mix.  Keep it as simple as possible and eliminate gaps in your supply chain.  Using a single source logistics provider, like MILAN, for a “one stop shop” can help you maximize efficiency, reduce costs and bridge the gaps from using multiple vendors and suppliers.

SINGLE SOURCE PROVIDER DEFINITION:  a third-party logistics (3PL) company that manages your whole supply chain, or a discrete portion of that operation.


Warehousing Distribution Services:  MILAN has multiple distribution centers that can service your needs in the Southeastern region.  Our facilities are clean and safe with gated yards that ensure security for your products in and outside our facilities.  We can store your products, manage your inventory, or just rework it and send it out to your customer.

Transportation Services:  Our asset-based trucking operation can ensure your product gets delivered through the southeast and Midwest.  We supplement our assets with a brokerage operation that contracts with non-asset carriers.  We are able to accommodate anything you may need between our 2 transportation operations.

Value Added Services:  There are a lot of ways MILAN can help you in this area depending on your needs.  Our postponement services give our customers those extra services without having to move products to a fulfillment house or another location.  Extra services include labeling, inspection, kitting, light assembly, or repackaging.  Our Manufacturing support services are also available.

Manufacturing Support:  If you need some help at your plant with extra space, inventory needs, special projects, yard management, or shuttles, MILAN is your choice!  We can manage your raw materials, point-of-sale products, packaging products or your finished goods.  We are here to help you with whatever you may need.

We know business moves fast.  Make your move to MILAN, your single source provider.