3PL Provider who can offer you Value Added = Competitive Advantage

3PL Provider who can offer you Value Added = Competitive Advantage

Managing your products in one facility with a provider who can accept responsibility of multiple services and project results will give you that competitive advantage and value that is required in your supply chain.  Why work with a 3PL that is only one dimensional versus a partner who can check off many service offerings that you need?

Turning orders quickly, delivering faster or on-time, product assembly or any other modifications to your product before going to your customer all create customer value.  Selecting a third party logistics company that can help you achieve the increasing demands of customer is monumental to the success of your supply chain.


Outsourcing to a partner that has service depth and offerings like warehousing and distribution, transportation and a variety of value-added services. Green Check
Transportation capacity where service and quality are controlled.  Full chain of responsibility with optimal choices (asset or non-asset based). Green Check
All merchandise is housed in a one distribution center, available for shipping and modifying.  Inventories all managed in one facility. Green Check
Integrated services and processes which improves logistics efficiencies. Green Check
Full transparency and visibility with instant access to information through customer portals for warehousing and transportation functions that keeps you in touch with your supply chain. Green Check
One point of contact for supply chain services can save you time and energy tracking down information. Green Check
Postponement services, product assembly, quality inspections and other value-added services handled within the same facility eliminating costly transferring costs to another vendor. Green Check
Usage of 3PL partner that brings innovation and new ideas to your logistics approach giving you an improvement lifestyle that is never static. Green Check
Customer and Regulatory compliance managed by your experienced partner that allows you to spend with your core competencies. Green Check

MILAN Supply Chain Solutions is that SINGLE SOURCE LOGISTICS PROVIDER who can bring value to your supply chain.  We check off each item that brings you an advantage over your competitors.  Here are just a few value-added ideas that we can help you with:

1 – Managing logistics projects

Many companies don’t have the resources available to manage all the special projects that they need to get done.   At MILAN, we can help you with any logistics project that you have and still ensure you have full information and control.  We have the experience and personnel to help you get it done.

2 – Peak seasonal volumes

We can manage your volume fluctuations easily with our facility and transportation assets.

3 – Manufacturing support

We can aid your plant managers with a variety of services.  If you are running out of warehouse space at your manufacturing site and require space, MILAN is able to provide you space for your finished goods, raw materials or marketing materials, depending on your need.  We can also help with shuttling product from our western TN facilities to your plant with our transportation assets.  If you’re in a jam with yard congestion, we have the ability to manage your yard with movements between your facility doors and yard spots.

4 – Product Postponement

All product modification is usually done before it goes to the customer.   At MILAN, we are able to handle a variety of services including inspection, assembling, kitting, to name a few.

Call on MILAN to help you with your supply chain.  Our integrated service offerings bring value to your supply chain and an advantage over your competitors.