Mission and Values

Our mission is to be the industry leader in transportation and distribution solutions with a commitment to excellence. With our team of dedicated employees and core values as our foundation, we are a business partner that delivers safe, reliable and diverse solutions.



S I T E D – Operational Values

1 SAFETY value

We do the right thing.
We take our business seriously and the welfare of the people who work for us and with us. We protect people with a mindset of safeness. Our processes and procedures are administered and trained to ensure a risk-free environment and that people return home safely each day.


We build trust.
We are honest and sincere in our business conduct. Our active communication with our employees, customers and vendors allows us to build our relationships on trust earning loyalty and encouraging long-lasting customer bonds that results in true partnership.

3 TEAMWORK value

We value people.
We believe in an environment of teamwork and collaboration. As a team, we are connected as we take on new challenges and determine how we can make a difference. We draw on our team to embody our values and embrace each member for their unique gifts and talents. We do our individual parts for the efficiency of the whole.


We give our best.
We are never satisfied with the status quo and have a passion and commitment for making our service better each day. Being creative, innovative and thinking different gives us the edge to develop distinct solutions for our customers, providing value and a competitive advantage in their supply chains.


We embrace our differences.
We are intentional on our long-term direction and health for the organization that creates security for our employees and satisfies our customers. We are focused on creating an environment of involvement, respect and connection resulting in business value for all.

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