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The Ross family founded Milan Express in 1969 as transportation company that focused on reliable service at a reasonable price. That basic mission as a family organization has not changed over the years even though the ownership has.In September of 2014, the Ross family sold the business to HCI Equity Partners who had a vision to expand the business with full-service supply chain solutions while maintaining the family-oriented, personal-service culture.

Today, MILAN Supply Chain Solutions is a group of proud and dedicated team of professionals who embrace the new vision. The MILAN teams manage one of the most efficient and progressive supply chain, logistics and transportation companies in the industry. We specialize in providing integrated supply chain services throughout the southeast and midwest regions.

Our focus on the customer with personal service is still the foundation of the organization. As we’ve grown, our service offering has expanded into two key areas of transportation and warehousing. Each area has innovative solutions that provide our customers with excellent service, compliant processes and optimal results.

Our asset-based Transportation offering extends high-quality, dependable service and the latest in equipment and technology. If our assets can’t support your needs, our long-term relationships with our partner carriers allow us to select the best option for your shipment needs. Having the flexibility to use asset and non-asset options allow us to service our customers with the ideal solution.

MILAN provides Warehousing services in our Tennessee facilities. We offer a multi-client environment that allows flex space for your inventory needs or a dedicated turnkey environment that tailors all procedures, workflows and performance metrics. No matter what our customer requires, we develop the solution that fits with industry best practices.

Our systems integration and customer service team allows us to take any of our services and integrate them to build the perfect fit solution for each customer. We understand that our success is dependent on our capability to be flexible, responsive, and creative.

Our goal is to maximize our customer’s supply chain and the customer experience they have with the Milan team. We know that a logistics needs are unique and our mindset is to learn of the challenges and develop solutions that give a competitive advantage in the markets we serve.

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