We bring to our customers' toughest problems the assets, expertise and resources of a professional
transportation team paired with passion, commitment and imagination to move your business forward.

Company Values




ECommitment to Excellence



  • Personalized service from a world class team
  • Safety performance (best in class)
  • 46 years in the transportation industry
  • Transportation executive team with over 340 years of experience in the industry
  • Largest asset based carrier between Memphis and Nashville

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the industry leader in transportation and distribution solutions with a commitment to excellence. With our team of dedicated employees and core values as our foundation, we are a business partner that delivers safe, reliable and diverse solutions.

Front Row L-R (Amy Cowen - SVP, Gail Spain - CFO)
Back Row L-R (James Davidson - Dir. of Maintenance, Pat Landreth - Dir. of Loss Prevention, Brad Morris - VP of Sales, Kevin Charlebois - Pres/CEO, David Dallas - SVP, Billy Hollowell - VP of Retention)

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MILAN is a full-service transportation company.
We work with companies that want to build freight velocity, eliminate supply chain frustration and move their business forward.
We are on a mission to help people make BOLD moves so they can get to where they want to go.

Business moves fast MAKE YOUR MOVE.

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