Founded in 1969, Milan Supply Chain Solutions is a proud and dedicated team of people who manage one of the most efficient and progressive supply chain, logistics and transportation companies in the industry. We specialize in logistics, warehousing, distribution, truckload, dedicated and local region service.

We understand that a customer’s distribution and supply chain needs are unique to their particular situation. That is why we offer public warehousing, including more than 500,000 square feet of FDA approved warehouse space, that allows the customer to design the exact layout that fits their particular needs. Whether that space is to be utilized for full distribution or a combination of storage and distribution, we offer the flexibility to accommodate your needs.

We offer high-quality dependable service and the latest in equipment and technology. Many of our customers use multiple services our company offers, from over the road transportation to distribution and brokerage. We also operate private fleets for a long list of high-profile clients. From using our partner carriers or our assets we can shuttle, move local, regional or long haul shipments. We also provide JIT Automotive service from Canada and Mexico. Milan is successful due to our ability to maintain long-term customer relationships.

We have been customizing 3PL solutions with customers for over 16 years. Our management and dedicated team of employees have extensive experience in the sectors of manufacturing, inventory management, warehousing & distribution, and transportation. Combine these diverse backgrounds with everyone’s commitment to 100% customer satisfaction Milan Supply Chain can formulate flexible solutions to all your 3PL needs.

We don’t promise to be perfect or the biggest but we do promise to make things right and help you move ahead. Business moves fast. Make your move.

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MILAN is a full-service logistics company.
We work with companies that want to eliminate supply chain frustration, improve their distribution network, build freight velocity, and move their business forward.   We are on a mission to help people make BOLD moves so they can get to where they want to go.

Business moves fast MAKE YOUR MOVE.

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